Had I been involved in money laundering I’d be in jail: Saba Qamar


KARACHI: Pakistani television industry’s most sought after actress Saba Qamar has denied she is under investigation for money laundering after an Urdu newspaper made this claim on Tuesday.

“If I were involved in any such matter I would have been behind bars by now. All my bank accounts are clean,” she said while speaking to The Express Tribune.

Saba said her cousin informed her about the rumour. “I was at home when I heard about it. When something like this comes in the news it destroys you mentally.”

It is unclear where the rumour originated. According to Saba an Urdu website by the name Urdu Point was the first one to carry it while multiple news outlets claimed it was Urdu newspaper Jahaan Pakistanthat broke the false news.

Jahaan Pakistan had reported that Saba was allegedly involved in the smuggling of large sums of money for an official of the National Bank of Pakistan. It also insinuated that Saba was in a relationship with this bank official.

“I don’t understand what people have against me. First the linkup with Hamza Ali Abbasi and now this – things like these destroy your image.”

She added, “Consider this. If a nice family was thinking of getting me married to their son; today, those chances have been ruined just because of this rumor. It is already challenging for women to work in the entertainment industry and be accepted and then there are these allegations; honestly they leave no space for you to walk freely. Main tou do daafa bemaut hee maari gai (I died twice without actually dying).”

Saba said there needs to be a law that prevents false news from spreading.

“A TV anchor mentioned me and a few other actresses in his prime time show alleging we were involved in money laundering. It’s such a shame,” she added.

When asked about Ayyan’s ongoing money laundering case, Saba said, “It’s not my place to comment on her. Why should I point my finger at her?” (Source)