When Shah Rukh Khan proposed Priyanka Chopra

 When Shah Rukh Khan proposed Priyanka Chopra

7A video of Priyanka Chopra’s Miss India pageant has leaked online and it has come up with quite a few surprises. In a video, ‘King of Bollywood’ Shah Rukh Khan was seen proposing the Bollywood Diva.

Before you jump to the conclusion, the video is 13 years old and was recorded during the Miss India contest that Priyanka Chopra had won.

SRK is known for his witty and ironic nature, he showed the same when he asked such question to PC. Shah Rukh Khan question was, “Who would you rather marry, a great Indian sportsman, an artistic businessman or a TV actor?” At the end of the question, Shah Rukh Khan humorously asked her to choose him over others. However, Priyanka Chopra instead went for the first option, Indian media reported.

Shah Rukh Khan has been linked up with Priyanka Chopra many times after that too. Though he is known for his ‘family man’ image, but he had been rumoured for dating the ‘Fashion’ actress. There is no actual proof of their alleged extra-marital affair but a lot of media sources did end up revealing a lot of intimate details about their so called affair. (Source)

Gauri (wife of SRK) however never reacted to such rumours.