5 Bollywood Actresses With Worst Makeup

5 Bollywood Actresses With Worst Makeup

Bollywood actresses always looks super-duper and glamorous on screen. Most of the times, a makeup kit makes them look sizzling hot but sometimes a makeup kit can also ruin their looks.

So lets have a look at the 5 Bollywood actresses with worst makeup ever worn. Watch the images and have fun!

Kareena Kapoor
Oh My God! I am afraid to see Kareena Kapoor in this condition. Look at her makeup, hair style and her dress too. Oh, Pathetic!

Sonam Kapoor
Hey Sonam, What happened to you? All of us know that you are pretty but why are you hiding your beauty? I think that Sonam did this makeup without a mirror :)

Deepika Padukone
I think that Deepika Padukone don’t wants to hide her dark complexion. Instead she is showing everyone her dark beauty. Deepika, are you celebrating Halloween?

Gauri Khan
4Ufff! Look at the makeup of Gauri Khan. Her skin is looking very oily as if she washed her face with a bottle of oil. Her complexion is also looking very dark and the light pink lipstick is making her looks more bad. Hey Shahrukh, Where were you when Gauri Khan was doing makeup?

A Pic Of Juhi Chawla With Makeup Blunder

So ladies and gentlemen, these are the Bollywood actresses with worst makeup. Who looks the most horrible?