Pakistani Celebs Who Copy The Styles Of International Celebs

Pakistani Celebs Who Copy The Styles Of International Celebs

There are some Pakistani celebs who always try to copy the styles of international stars. In this list, I have added Pakistani celebs whom I think are very much inspired from international stars. So lets have a look at these Pakistani celebs:

Annie Khalid and Shakira
Annie Khalid always tries to copy the international singer Shakira. Annie copies Shakira’s hairstyles, dressing, expressions etc.

Ali Zafar and Johnny Depp
2Many people think that Ali Zafar tries to look like the Hollywood star Johnny Depp. Ali has the same style of moustaches and french like Johnny. What you say about this?

Aiza Khan and Aishwarya Rai
Ayeza Khan has much of the expressions and looks like Aishwarya Rai. Even the Bollywood and Pakistani media, consider Aiza Khan as young Aishwarya Rai. Ayeza even tries to copy Aish styles and expressions.

Mawra Hocane and Kareena Kapoor
Whether you believe it or not! Mawra Hocane always try to cheat Kareena Kapoor. Whenever there is a photoshoot of Mawara, she tries to give expressions like Kareena Kapoor. Mawra is making her best to copy Kareena!

Arij Fatima and Reese Witherspoon
Arij Fatima and Reese Witherspoons have a great face ressemblance. Both of them look like as they are sisters to each other. Many people claim that Arij Fatima tries to copy the hairstyles and acting styles of Reese Witherspoons. (Source)