My Fame Is Not Through Adult Films: Rakhi Sawant On Sunny Leone

My Fame Is Not Through Adult Films Rakhi Sawant On Sunny Leone

Bollywood actress and dancer Rakhi Sawant always the motor-mouth, was regally pissed lately when the famous item girl was compared to adult and famous Bollywood actress Sunny Leone. She said she had rather be contrasted to the likes of worldwide super stars Madonna and Jennifer Lopez than Sunny Leone!
1At the shoot of her most recent video, one of the persons of the media inquired Rakhi if her comeback tune will give strong competition to actress Sunny Leone who has been creating large waves in B-Town.

2Rakhi snapped at the reporter: “Please do not contrast me with Sunny Leone because I have achieved by performing, dancing, doing reality shows and as well as by winning the hearts of the audiences. I never did any adult movie or not anything else to get this. I hope you all appreciate.”

She further surprised the media by saying, “I am frank, outspoken and a great actress and I must be compared to Madonna and JLO.” Well, delusional Rakhi Sawant is absolutely an all-time entertainer in Indian film industry. (Source)