Pakistan’s got talent – Geo’s out to find it

This afternoon supermodel Hira Tareen was hanging out at college. No, this is not a ploy to get you to attend your classes on regular basis.

She along with Marina Khan and Pheby Haroon are the judges for a talent hunt launched across various universities in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad that hopes to find the ‘stars’ among us.

This joint initiative by Talent management and PR agency Phegency and Geo is looking for singers, anchors, dancers, models and actors who can work in films, TV or commercials.

Why is it taking place?

To be honest, watching Sumbul Agha cry her eyes out simultaneously on ARY, Hum and APlus is not a pretty sight. If audience sees same faces over and over again they tend to expect them to act same as well.

“It’s like Pavlov’s classical conditioning model where the dog started salivating at the sound of bell. I tend to look around for tissue paper as soon as I see Sajjal Ali on screen. I expect her to cry and make me cry every single time she appears in screen.” – Iqra, 20 year old TV enthusiast from Karachi.

So the hunt will definitely do some good to the industry and especially to the audience who are tired of seeing same faces over and over again.

Just an on-ground activity

According to Geo spokesperson Saman Saeed,

“This hunt is going to have a digital presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but it won’t air on Television. It is just a ground activity to promote Pakistan’s talent and groom them.”

This proves that this isn’t a marketing gimmick to get more ratings. The initiative may built the network’s goodwill (and Geo network is in serious need for that). It looks like the channel is seriously interested in finding fresh faces and grooming them.

On the other hand, it is always fun to watch talent hunt live on television. But it is indeed costly and the viewer choice aspect ruins the fairness aspect of the show. Audience tends to vote for TV friendly faces.

These faces might not be as good hosts or actors as the rest but they win because they’ve got screen presence. Not televising the hunt and keeping it critics-based will ensure that the decisions are fair and impartial.

Creating opportunities

Earlier, hunts like these gave us VJs actors like Naveen Waqar, Kanza and Sarwat Gillani. These three young ladies entered the industry as a result of various talent hunt shows that took place at Indus Valley.

Saeed added that the chosen people will be given opportunities by Geo Films and Geo TV. Since Geo is the media partner for this talent hunt; we can expect new faces on various fronts of the channel (news bulletins, serials, commercials, films or videos). Apart from Phegency and Geo, A&B productions is also part of the initiative.

The hunt has taken off in Karachi and will move ahead to Lahore and Islamabad. The judges are going from college to college to find people who’ve got the mettle to work in the media industry.

The organizers announce the judges and the college they are going to visit next on their Twitter and Facebook pages. Renowned writer Muhammed Ahmed and Pheby Haroon visited IoBM as judges. The team’s next stop is Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture where Hira Traeen, Marina Khan and Pheby Haroon will judge the students.

They are primarily targeting universities and colleges of Pakistan’s metros but this doesn’t mean other people won’t get a chance. The main auditions will be held in Karachi at Awari Towers from April 19 – 20. The registration will last from 9am -10am and the actual auditions will last till six in the evening. The judges for the Awari tower auditions haven’t been announced yet.

Then again, auditions will only take place in metros unlike what we saw in Pakistan Idol where they visited smaller cities like Multan, Faisalabad and Peshawar.

Recently held Talent hunts

  • Pekistan Talent Hunt
  • Pakistan Idol
  • Veet Super Model Hunt
  • Voice of Pakistan
  • ARY MUsik VJ Hunt 2014

This is not the first time that Geo has taken such initiative. They were the first ones to buy an international franchise Pakistan Idol to highlight the singing talent in Pakistan.

They also have a site dedicated to finding new talent. Interested people can register themselves on it and make it big in the entertainment industry.

If you want to participate in the even then watch out for updates on Geo Films page,Phegency’s FB page and the follow the twitter trend #StarHunt2015. (Source)