What Zubaida Apa shouldn’t be doing?


Zubaida Tariq aka Zubaida Apa is a legend in her own right.Some of her achievements include:

– Starting her career with Dalda Advisory Service at 50,an age where most people have precious little professional lives left.

– Despite not receiving any professional training in cooking she has become one of the most famous and popular cooking experts of the country.

– Serving in various prestigious positions such as Head of National Foods Masala Division,Head of Dalda’s Advisory Service etc

– Running her own restaurant successfully along with her son
– Being famous for her home remedies (totkas) regarding various issues faced by females
– Having written a number of books on cooking and home remedies

All the above achievements are no mean feat by themselves specially for an elderly lady who’s suffering from Parkinson’s disease.However,of late I am seeing Zubaida Apa endorsing specialty products such as soaps,sensitivity relieving tooth pastes,whitening creams and hair growth sprays.Going one step futher,she has launched her own product lines Zubaida Apa Soap and ZUbaida Apa whitening cream.

I am sure these actions of hers are not based on ill intentions or intent to make more money.However,she should realize that she is no dermatologist or dentist to judge whether a product is good for skin,hair growth or teeth.She’s lending her credibility to these products unnecessarily and misleading those people who might buy/use these products thinking that since these have been recommended by Zubaida Apa and bear her name,they would be superior to other products.

This has led to and would further lead to loss of her credibility and might disappoint her fans also.She shouldn’t be doing this (Source)