Filipino maid get rid of her ARAB employer who reportedly beat and raped her


Translated from Tagalog to English:

“I’m asking for your help.” “The son of my employer sexually abused me. I then told my employer about it.” “The employer asked: “Why didn’t you tell me straight away?”” “I’m so fearful, I was so scared to say anything.” “My employers son told me after he sexually abused me: “You better not tell anyone or I’ll take you out to the desert, where I’ll kill and bury you there.”
“I spoke to my employer this morning and I told them everything that happened. However, my employer’s son told them that I was the one who advanced on him first.” “How is that possible if I was in the family room working and cleaning? And I’m not that dumb to advance on my own employer.” “After I told my employer what happened, they replied: “If you want to go home, you have to wait two months. I’ll buy your plane ticket, but using your own money because you haven’t finished your contract yet.””
“How can I finish my contract if my life is already ruined? What if I’m pregnant?” “They told me: “After one week, I’ll get you checked. If you’re pregnant, I’m going to abort it and send you home.”” “Do I have to wait one week before I can leave this place?” “My employer’s son is a drug addict, that’s why I’m so fearful.” “I don’t want this anymore, I don’t have any money to buy my ticket home.”

“Help me, please. Please, help me get out of here, I’m so scared.” “I have marks from his abuse, a bruise on my thigh after he punched me and a bruise on my shoulder. My whole body hurts.”