Salman, Katrina and Hrithik plan to take on Hollywood


Bollywood actors Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan and actress Katrina Kaif movies stunts are ready to go toe to toe with Hollywood movies.

Bollywood block buster’s ‘Kick’ and ‘Bang Bang’ are up against the Hollywood block buster’s like ‘Amazing Spiderman 2’ and ‘Transformers: the age of extinction’.

Actually they are competing in Taurus World Stunt Awards for different categories. Salman’s ‘Kick’ is selected for the category of Best High Work Award, it will be competing against ‘The Expendables 3’, ‘Transformers: age of extinction’ and ’22 Jump Street’.

Hrithik’s ‘Bang Bang’ is selected for four categories. It is also selected for Best Stunt Rigging where it will be competing against ‘Transformers: age of extinction’, ’22 Jump Street’, ‘Captain America: winter soldier’ and ‘X-Men: days of future past’.

Hrithik Roshan’s movie is also nominated for Best Fight Award with some car.

For Best Fight Award the movie ‘Bang Bang’ is going against ‘300: rise of an empire’, ‘Captain America: the winter soldier’ and ‘John Wick’.

In Stunt with Car his movie will be facing ‘The Amazing Spider Man 2’, ‘Captain America: winter soldier’, ‘Need For Speed’ and ‘Night Crawler’.

Film ‘Kick’ was last year’s’ best movie.

This movie is also nominated for Specialty Stunt Award; they are hoping that Katrina Kaif will win the Best Stunt Award with a woman. (Source)

The Taurus World Stunt Awards will be held in California on 9th may where the winners will be decided.