Pakistani Celebrities Who Left Showbiz For The Sake Of Islam

Pakistani Celebrities Who Left Showbiz For The Sake Of Islam

There are many people in this world who realized the real thing of them being in this world and became a true Muslim. So lets have a look at the Pakistani Celebrities who left showbiz for the sake of Islam.

Nargis-Was a Stage Actress
1You might know that Nargis was a stage actress before. Her stage acting and especially dancing was liked by many people. She did this work for about 20 years. But afterwards, she became religious and left showbiz. In an interview Nargis said:

“I worked as a stage actress for 20 years and I did many bad deeds in it. But later on, I realised that what type of Muslim am I ? I was ashamed that I am not doing my work according to Islam and I got afraid of Hereafter (Life after death). So I left showbiz and have decided to become a true Muslim and preach Islam.”

Veena Malik
2The controversial actress Veena Malik has also said bye to showbiz. Veena Malik has been involved in many adult scandals and controversies like ISI scandal, scandal with Ashmit Patel etc. There are also many dirty pics of Veena Malik available on internet. But later on, Veena Malik has realised and have decided to become a true Muslim. In an interview with Indian media, she said:

“I have completely left showbiz. I will never work in Pakistani or Indian plays and films. I have also refused Indian film producers whom I has agreed to work in their films. I am now grooming myself as a Muslim.”

Sataesh Khan
3Sataesh Khan was a Pakistani model and actress. She performed in different Pakistani dramas. When she left showbiz, she gave an interview in which she said:

“I worked as a model and actress. But when I realised that I am not on the right path, I left showbiz. I don’t want myself to be like a Kaafir. I don’t want to be a Muslim of name, I want to be a true Muslim.”

Sara Chaudhry
4Sara Chaudhry worked as a Pakistani actress for about 11 years. She left showbiz and decided to walk on the right path. She has started wearing Hijab.

Junaid Jamshed
5Do you know that Junaid Jamshed was a singer before? In 2002 he released his song album “dil ki baat” and in the same year he left singing. He decided to preach Islam and become a religious leader.

So these were the Pakistani celebrities who left showbiz for the sake of Islam. (Source)