Famous Pakistani Celebrities With Less Famous Siblings

Famous Pakistani Celebrities With Less Famous Siblings

Luck is not the same for every person and this fact can be proved by this article. If both people work hard in the same way then in most cases only one person will win the match!

So here is the list of famous Pakistani celebrities with less famous siblings. These siblings worked together but not all of them remained the heartthrob of millions!

Javed Sheikh And Saleem Sheikh
1Javed Sheikh and Saleem Sheikh are real life brothers but the luck is not the same for these Sheikh Brothers. Both are Pakistani actors but no one can beat the popularity of Javed Sheikh. He has done some mega hits in Lollywood like Jeeva, Chief Saab, Yeh Ap Ka Hua etc.

On the other hand, Saleem Sheikh also worked hard to make a good position in the industry but the big brother won!

Yasir Nawaz and Danish Nawaz
2Yasir Nawaz and Danish Nawaz have worked together in super hit drama serial “Nadaaniyan”. Although both of these brothers are multi-talented but we have to accept that Yasir Nawaz is more successful than Danish.

Sanam Baloch and Sabreen Hisbani
3The Baloch sisters have been in the showbiz industry since years and without doubt, both of them are super talented. Both of them have also worked in several hit mega block busters but this fact is clear that Sanam is more famous than Sabreen.

Nida Yasir and Sawera Pasha
4Nida Yasir is a famous Pakistani morning show host. She has a massive fan following. Before hosting a morning show, Nida worked in her family made drama serial “Nadaaniyan”.

On the other hand, Savera Pasha hosts a show on Geo Super channel. Both of these sisters have tried hard to make a mark in the industry but this fact is crystal clear that Nida Yasir is much more famous than Sawera.

Sadia Imam and Aliyah Imam
5Well, there is no any comparison between these two sisters. Sadia Imam has an enormous fan following as an actor while Aliyah Imam is just know to some people. So Sadia wins!

So these are the famous Pakistani celebrities with less famous siblings. (Source)