Top 5 Best Dressed Female Celebrities In Pakistan

Top 5 Best Dressed Female Celebrities In Pakistan

Do you know that who are those top 5 best female celebrities in Pakistan who are all known out to be favorite in terms of dressing? Well in all the fashion shows and events we often capture some of the female celebrities that simply grab the attention of other people through the way of their dressing style. Now you might be thinking that who all those 5 top celebrities are!

1. Humaima Malik:
Humaima MalikOn the top we have Humaima Malik! On each single fashion show and event the arrival of Humaima Malik make her as the eye catching personality of each single person. She all the time make herself as the attractive ones through her dressing sense.

2. Ayyan Ali:
Ayyan AliOn the second we have the name of Ayyan Ali! Ayyan Ali is one of the top models and yet one of the beautiful looking models as well. Each single time she unveil herself in the breath-taking dresses that truly make her feel like the princesses.

3. Mehwish Hayat:
Mehwish Hayat
On the third comes the famous actress Mehwish Hayat! She is not just one of the beautiful actresses but is even known as one of the well dressed celebrities as well. She looks stunning in both the traditional and western form of dressing styles.

4. Ayesha Omer:
Ayesha OmerOn the fourth spot we have the name of Ayesha Omer! This actress has each single time presented herself in stunning dresses on all the fashion shows. Although she love wearing gowns but she fully knows that how to make herself elegant looking even in the gowns!

5. Nadia Hussain:
Nadia HussainOn the very first we have the name of Nadia Hussain! She is known as one of the famous models of Pakistan fashion industry. This model has always been found in the impressive dressing that makes her one of the favorite in the crowd.

So these were the top 5 celebrities of Pakistan who are famously known as best one for their dressing styles. Did you ever get impress with their dressing?