Mumbai is a beautiful city but Lahore is where I was born and bred: Fawad Khan

10821129_10155245128020497_10155245119730497_25938_821_bPakistani heartthrob and now Bollywood actor Fawad Khan might be in the news for signing, or reportedly signing, Hindi films left, right and center, but the singer-turned-actor has no plans to shift base to Mumbai.

In an interview with tabloid!, our prince charming revealed that although he finds Mumbai appealing, he is not ready to move his entire family and everyone around him to India. “It’s amazing the kind of energy and the kind of vibe [Mumbai has] but the thing is I will have to pick up the whole family and everyone around me and move there. And then again, see Lahore is where I was born and bred so…,” he said.

Answering a question on whether it was difficult for him to make an entry in Bollywood Fawad said, “I am very lucky. Thank God I am very lucky but it was fairly simple. They had seen my work. They thought I fit the role. And I read a couple of scenes with them… I flew down; they said OK when do we start. So it was pretty much just 1,2,3.”
While discussing his debut Bollywood film Khoobsurat starring Sonam Kapoor, he said, “Being a part of the Bollywood industry gives you to the kind of exposure that’s unimaginable. You also tap into this experience of technical expertise that this industry has been carrying along for several years. I didn’t take part in the industry with an agenda in mind. If it happens, great. By chance it became really big and I am thrilled about it.”
001799c9-cf67-4b34-b8bc-6c1dbdb6ca2dWallpAutoWallpaper2-e1425546474474Fawad with Khoobsurat co-star Sonam at Amritsar’s Golden Temple. PHOTO: AFP

Speaking about the support he gets from his team Fawad said, “Whenever you do something with a little bit of honesty, loyalty, dedication and you are in sync with the people around, then something good has to come out of it. You get that feel-good factor out of it.”

Although there have been several rumours of him signing a dozen Bollywood films lately, Fawad chose not to discuss any of his upcoming projects. He did however reveal the process of deciding which films to do. “My character has to be alive. It can’t be a mere prop and it has to have a life of its own. I need to have that space to play around and the scope to interact with the people around me. That freedom would give me a lot of margin to improvise with” he said.
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